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Homeopathy was originally the work of an 18th century physician called Samuel Hahnemann.

Many of the treatments for disease at this time were highly toxic and had very unpleasant, sometimes fatal side effects. So Hahnemann set about trying to find the lowest possible effective doses. Hahnemann found that if he diluted the substance and at each dilution vigorously shook the mixture in a specific way (called succussion) they were still highly effective without any of the unpleasant side effects.

Homeopathy involves finding the correct 'patient picture' and matching it as closely as possible to the correct 'remedy picture' helping the body to heal itself. After obtaining your pets clinical history from your primary care vet a visit can be arranged. Susan will give your pet a full clinical examination and go through its history and lifestyle with you discussing any beneficial changes as she does so. She will need to ask you lots of very unusual questions about your pet – but the more she knows about them the easier it is to find the correct remedy. After the consultation Susan will contact you with a/some remedy suggestions which she can provide you with or you can get from a homeopathic pharmacy. If your pet has a long standing or complex condition several remedies may be required.

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Homeopathy can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions and is safe to use with other complementary treatments as well as most conventional medications – Please call or email me to discuss your pet's needs in further detail.

You can find out more from the Faculty of Homeopathy

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